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About Us

Our Story

Collavia was developed by Criteria for Success, a sales growth partner that provides sales and leadership training, management consulting, sales technology consulting, and coaching.
With over 20 years of experience in the sales industry, Criteria for Success recognized the need for a comprehensive sales productivity tool that combines cutting-edge technology with curated content to provide a holistic approach to sales success. This led to the development of Collavia, a pioneering solution that redefines sales efficiency and success.
Collavia takes the basic idea of a Sales PlayBook and combines it with collaboration functionality, allowing for customization and sharing of strategies and ensuring company-wide alignment and consistency.
Collavia distinguishes itself by offering a holistic suite of tools designed to fit the modern sales ecosystem, setting it apart from competitors by providing AI-powered insights and customizable best practices.
At Collavia, we are dedicated to transforming sales productivity and empowering businesses to achieve their revenue goals. We go beyond traditional sales tools by fostering collaboration and teamwork, ensuring that your sales team is working together towards a common goal.
Join us on the journey to redefine sales efficiency and success. Experience the power of Collavia and unlock the full potential of your sales team.

We are driven by values

Our Team

Charles Bernard

Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Frederick


Thomas Michael

Chief Innovation Officer

Akin Garagon

Sr. Software Developer

Merve Cingoz Garagon

Sr. Software Developer

Paul Kirch

Advisory Board Member

Sophia Bernard

Advisory Board Member

Kate DiLeo

Chief Brand Officer